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Using All The Tools When Searching For Medical Jobs Online.

March 14, 2014

For those in pursuing careers in the medical field, completing your education is the first of many large and cumbersome hurdles to clear. While the feeling of accomplishment one may feel after being awarded whichever degrees or certifications one pursued is well earned, the endeavor is far from over. Now, the primary directive is to actually find a job, which as many painfully acknowledge is perhaps the hardest part.


Family and General Practice Differences

March 5, 2014

Family Practice or General Practice?

Aside from the multitude of other relevant questions that pertain to selecting a doctor that is best suited for your needs, one that often arises is a simple one: What is the difference between a general practice and a family practice?


2014 Hospitalist Jobs

January 28, 2014

One of the more promising healthcare employment positions for 2014 belongs to the hospitalist.

What is a hospitalist?

But what is a hospitalist, you may ask. Being unfamiliar with this position would not be uncommon as it is something of a new phenomenon. According to the Society of Hospital Medicine, a hospitalist constitutes as a physician whose prime directive is the medical care of hospitalized patients. They also take the reins when it comes to communicating the needs of the patient to different doctors in the hospital. The majority of hospitalists are internists, or internal medicine physicians that have undergone the same training as doctors who have specialized in internal medicine. These tasks include a residency, medical school, and a medical board exam. (more…)

Medical Jobs are harder to find. Why?

December 2, 2013

Medical Jobs


The US is home to the world’s largest medical jobs service industry, generating upwards of $1.75 trillion in revenue annually and employing 14 million people. By the estimates of the US Bureau of Labor, the medical jobs industry is on course to generate 3.2 million additional jobs by 2018. (more…)

Contract Negotiation for Physician Jobs

November 26, 2013

Contract Negotiation for Physician Jobs

Contract negotiation is important if you are interested in a position in a health care facility. Some physicians prefer to leave the process to their lawyers. However, your lawyer may not negotiate your contract with a potential employer. A large number of them will look through the employment agreement and point out the benefits and disadvantages. Inform your lawyer in advance if you would prefer to have them handle the contract negotiations on your behalf. Contract negotiation on your own allows you to save on legal fees. It also allows you to take charge of the process and highlight aspects that are important to you. The process may also take less time if you are dealing with a potential employer directly. Here are some of the things you need to focus on during contract negotiations. (more…)

Physician Recruitment – Rural VS Metro/Suburban Job Opportunities

September 25, 2013

Physician Recruitment – Rural VS Metro/Suburban Job Opportunities

Not surprisingly, there is a great need for physicians in all specialties in all areas of the country.  But no area is hurting more for medical providers than Rural America.  Rural locations are struggling to find physicians to live and practice in their markets.  The difficulties in recruiting stem from many disadvantages of small town living, mostly the lack of urban amenities (shopping, dining, cultural and religious diversities), lack of employment for spouse/significant others, school options for children.  But with the ‘cons’ of small town living, there are an ample amount of ‘pros’.  Practicing in a small town affords one with less traffic, congestion, safe environments with less crime.  Financial pros include a lower cost of living and the positions in a small town usually offer a greater salary and compensation package as an incentive for relocating to the community. (more…)