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Why We Should Be Your Family Practice Physician Recruitment Website

September 21, 2015

Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, Inc. is your family practice physician recruitment website. We are leaders in the industry for connecting doctors to employers across the nation. We work closely with our clients to ensure their information is accurate and qualified for the best possible results. That is because at Doctor’s Choice, success is a requirement instead of an option. (more…)

Physician Recruitment in 2015

April 22, 2015

Physician Recruitment Image | Doctor's Choice Placement

Interested in the prospectus for physician recruitment in 2015? According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an overall increase of 5 million new jobs within the medical field by 2022. How significant is this increase? The resulting rise of jobs within the medical field is quite compelling, with a prediction that one third of all created jobs will be within the health and social services industry.


Matching Doctors with Doctor Jobs

February 27, 2015

Medical Doctor

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry, with doctor jobs evolving daily in an effort to keep up. Medical science is constantly making new discoveries, creating new drugs, inventing or improving biomedical equipment and procedures. Recent changes to health insurance laws and patient confidentiality requirements have sparked even more changes in the operations of health care facilities throughout the nation. Through it all, we put our trust in our physicians to keep up and guide us through the confusing minefield of healthcare. (more…)

A Survey of U.S. Physicians shows that over 80% of Doctors are at Full-Capacity

November 1, 2014

Stressed out doctor in lift

Patients in the United States are likely to face growing challenges in access to care if shifting patterns in medical practice configurations and physician workforce trends continue. This is one of the primary findings of an important new survey of over 20,000 physicians. (more…)

ARNP Placement in Hospitals

September 20, 2014

ARNP Job Placement

ARNPs, or advanced registered nurse practitioners, are defined by the International Council of Nurses as registered nurses who have “acquired the knowledge base, decision-making skills, and clinical competencies for expanded practice beyond that of an RN, the characteristics of which would be determined by the context in which he or she is credentialed to practice.” (more…)

General Surgery Types

September 5, 2014


We here at Doctor’s Choice Placement understand that anyone embarking on their journey through a surgery can be a little scary. for the most part, patients typically do not understand all of the fine details related to their surgeries, which can cause a modicum of anxiety. It is for this reason why we are taking the time today to give a general synopsis on some of the more common general surgery types which people undergo. (more…)

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