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General Surgery Types

September 5, 2014


We here at Doctor’s Choice Placement understand that anyone embarking on their journey through a surgery can be a little scary. for the most part, patients typically do not understand all of the fine details related to their surgeries, which can cause a modicum of anxiety. It is for this reason why we are taking the time today to give a general synopsis on some of the more common general surgery types which people undergo. (more…)

2014 Pediatrician Jobs | Salary, Availability and General Information.

July 21, 2014
Pediatrician Jobs

Pediatrician Jobs

Basic Pediatrician Info

Pediatricians can also be defined as Paediatricians, General Pediatricians, Pediatrists, and Primary Care Pediatricians. They determine and treat infants and children who suffer from medical diseases or disorders, perform regular checkups and physicals to ensure good bill of health in children, and monitor growth and development.


The Physician Job Hunt: College Grad Advice

June 6, 2014
Physician Job Grad Hire

Physician Job Grad Hire

If you’re looking for a physician job in a college town, finding a good position can be tough! With the ever increasing supply of freshly educated medical professionals in tandem with the experienced local force, there is quite a bit of competition. For example:


Where are the available jobs for physicians in 2014?

May 2, 2014
Available Medical Physican Jobs

Available Jobs for Physicians

Where are all the available jobs for physicians?

We at Doctors Choice Placement list a lot of jobs every month. During our efforts in providing employment opportunities to job hunters, we’ve noticed that a few medical positions seem to have available jobs more often than others. In this article we will define 10 of those medical positions and showcase the specific job board for those physician employment opportunities on our site.


Using All The Tools When Searching For Medical Jobs Online.

March 14, 2014
searching for medical jobs online

For those in pursuing careers in the medical field, completing your education is the first of many large and cumbersome hurdles to clear. While the feeling of accomplishment one may feel after being awarded whichever degrees or certifications one pursued is well earned, the endeavor is far from over. Now, the primary directive is to actually find a job, which as many painfully acknowledge is perhaps the hardest part.


Family and General Practice Differences

March 5, 2014
Family Practice or General Practice?

Family Practice or General Practice?

Aside from the multitude of other relevant questions that pertain to selecting a doctor that is best suited for your needs, one that often arises is a simple one: What is the difference between a general practice and a family practice?


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