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Family Practice Physician Employment Services

September 22, 2015

As a family practice physician employment recruiting and staffing company, Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, Inc. is committed to providing you with the finest recruitment and consulting services available. We are dedicated to creating lasting relationships with everyone we serve, be it a doctor looking for work or an employer seeking a qualified candidate to fill a position. (more…)

Placing Physicians in Urgent Care Jobs

Urgent care facilities are springing up everywhere. Because of this, urgent care jobs are opening up all over the country, and the medical facilities that need these positions filled want to find the perfect physicians to join their teams. (more…)

Looking for Radiation Oncology Jobs?

With increasing cancer risks, radiation oncology jobs are in demand. There are many radiation oncology jobs advertised in medical journals, newspapers, and various employment websites. However, you want the perfect job in a specific place. As you are currently working, you don’t have time to scout high and low for the position you want in the place you want to live. On top of this, with all the positions available, you’re not even sure you know where to begin. (more…)

Specializing in Orthopedic Surgery

As a specialist in orthopedic surgery, you are part of a busy hospital practice. Your days are filled with looking at bones and repairing bones. You enjoy the fast-paced environment, but have begun wondering if there was some place else that you would enjoy more. Perhaps an environment that is more relaxed would be a better fit for you. (more…)

Becoming Part of the Occupational Medicine Field

One of the most up and coming medical fields is occupational medicine. Employers understand that providing high quality health care for their employees will increase their productivity, and lower the risk of a worker being put on disability. A healthcare professional working in this field helps to educate employees as well as treat and prevent any work-related injury or illness. (more…)

Searching for Internal Medicine Jobs

Searching through all the internal medicine jobs that available can be a stressful experience. You have to have your resume up to date, and you need to decide where in this country you want to work. With the thousands of jobs in internal medicine available, that is no easy feat. (more…)

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