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Filling Hospitalist Jobs

September 22, 2015

Your hospital has been expanding, and you have hospitalist jobs available in every department. However, you don’t want just any physician to be a part of the community you have tried so hard to cultivate. You and your staff don’t have time to research every candidate that applies for the hospitalist jobs you have available. The demands of the hospital are keeping you busy. (more…)

Trying to Fill Gastroenterology Jobs

As a premier medical facility in your area, you have a few gastroenterology jobs that you need to fill to make your complement of physicians complete. The medical field is highly competitive. You want your facility to be the best not only in your area, but in the nation. (more…)

The Emergence of Emergency Medicine Jobs

As the population continues to grow, the need for emergency medicine jobs grows with it. All over the country, hospital emergency rooms are in need of emergency medical personnel. These positions are often the first line of medical defense. Without emergency medical personnel, many lives would not be saved. (more…)

Filling the Demand For Cardiology Jobs

With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, the increased need for cardiology jobs will flood the medical community. If you are already a cardiologist, this is good news for you. There will be many doctor jobs available for you to choose from. However, this could also give you a headache when you are trying to find the perfect cardiology job. (more…)

Looking for Radiology Jobs?

If you’re looking for radiology jobs, you may have noticed that they seem to be advertised everywhere. Every newspaper, medical journal, and web job page appears to be inundated with positions available in the radiology field. While it is wonderful that there are so many job opportunities available, trying to figure out which one is the perfect job for you can be a headache. (more…)

Premier Physician Staffing Services

Doctor’s Choice is a physician staffing agency that is dedicated to matching job seeking candidates with potential employers. Unlike other employment agencies, Doctor’s Choice takes a more individualized approach to this process. All candidates undergo a detailed telephone interview and are provided with a variety of free services, such as interview preparation, CV feedback, access to a comprehensive database of job opportunities, information about prospective employers, and intermediary help during the hiring negotiation process. (more…)

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