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Locum Tenens Physician Job Search

September 22, 2015

Sometimes job seekers performing a physician job search are looking for a position that offers more flexibility and the opportunity to experience different work environments. A locum tenens position is often the ideal solution for a candidate who requires the fluidity that such a placement provides. These positions can be equated to a “substitute physician” or summarized as temporary work. Often, a medical firm that is experiencing a shortage will hire locum tenens physicians to help fill the short term vacancies. (more…)

Physician Employment and the Job of Your Dreams

Congratulations! You have finally graduated from school and are now officially a licensed physician. Employment is the next critical step to establishing your career. Discovering the job of your dreams can often seem like a difficult and seemingly impossible task. (more…)

Earn a Top Doctor Salary

Healthcare is one of the fastest changing and most rapidly growing industries. Doctors spend years preparing to practice medicine, and are rewarded for those efforts with a well-earned doctor salary. Whether you are looking for your initial placement as a new doctor, or are seeking to change your place of employment, the recruitment and placement specialists at Doctor’s Choice Placement Services are here to help. (more…)

Need Help With Your Physician Staffing?

Are you a healthcare facility looking for qualified, experienced, compassionate doctors to add to your physician staffing roster? Doctor’s Choice Placement Services is dedicated to pairing licensed healthcare workers to facilities with open positions. (more…)

Hunting for the Best Pediatrics Jobs

Your love for children is second to none. However, trying to sort through all the pediatrics jobs on the market gives you a headache. You want a position that not only uses your impressive credentials, but that pays well and provides a professional atmosphere. Your head spins as you sift through job after job, medical center after medical center. (more…)

Filling Neurology Jobs

As the medical field continues to grow, so does the facility at which you are the head administrator. You have neurology jobs that need to be filled, and you don’t have a clue where to begin. There are so many candidates available, but you want to find the best ones for your facility. You want an employee that fits into the environment of your medical facility effortlessly. (more…)

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