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Finding Your Way in a Sea of OB/GYN Jobs

September 22, 2015

The competition for OB/GYN jobs is quite vicious. As a physician in this highly specialized field, you can get lost in a sea of applicants when looking for the perfect position at the perfect medical facility. You also understand that an ob/gyn physician has a great personal impact on their patients. An exquisite personal relationship becomes established between doctor and patient, moreso than with other physician specialists. Because of this, you want to work with a medical facility that will take that kind of care with their patients. But, where do you even begin to find such a facility, and how would you even know if they have any OB/GYN jobs available? (more…)

Trust Us as Your Online Source for Physician Employment

In an ever-changing and growing industry such as healthcare, physician employment is always available, and physicians are always in demand. While computers and technology may change the scope of healthcare and of the day-to-day tasks of physicians, it can’t replace them. A good physician has a lifetime guarantee of job security. However, finding the right position can be a little more complicated. (more…)

Recruiting Physicians for General Surgery Jobs

As the head administer of a new health care facility, you are in a slight state of panic. None of the general surgery jobs your facility has available are filled. It is scheduled to open in a month, and there are so many medical positions open, that you wonder if you will be able to meet the deadline. (more…)

Small-Town Family Practice Jobs

As you lean over what feels like your 500th patient in the ER today, you try not to think about the family practice jobs you were searching for before you began your shift. When you first became a doctor, you thrived on the hustle and bustle of a big city hospital. You enjoyed all the rush and the extreme urgency that goes along with such a fast-paced environment. (more…)

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Doctor’s Choice Placement Services can save you time and money by streamlining the physician recruiting process. We have earned a reputation for our success in creating long-term matches between doctors and healthcare facilities. That success, we believe, is due to our approach and the relationships we establish with both parties.


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At Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, we have physician opportunities in every state in the nation. We are the first stop for many physicians looking to make a career move or just starting their medical career, due to our reputation for helping physicians make long-term, rewarding job placements.


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