The Physician Job Hunt: College Grad Advice

Physician Job Grad Hire

Physician Job Grad Hire

If you’re looking for a physician job in a college town, finding a good position can be tough! With the ever increasing supply of freshly educated medical professionals in tandem with the experienced local force, there is quite a bit of competition. For example:

Vanderbilt School of Medicine and The University of Tennessee School of Medicine are both providing doctorate programs for medical fields, finding a physician job as a recently graduated student in Nashville or Memphis seems far more difficult than most cities.

Find Physician Jobs in Memphis and Nashville, TN.

Giving yourself the best odds by preparing, hunting and finding the correct position suited for you is extremely important. This article will highlight a few tips for optimizing your efforts so that you obtain the position you’re looking for.

Upgrading Your Medical Resume | Physician Job Advice

Employers want to see that you’re a hardworking, reliable, and knowledgeable individual. If it’s been sometime since you’ve submitted applications, you probably want to review, amend, update it. Update information such as your work experience, any ongoing or completed education, and most importantly, your contact information. Last but not least, have two other people proofread your resume for grammatical errors and flow.

Make sure to apply the S.T.A.R principle | Physician Job Advice

S is for Simple

You want your reader to be able to easily digest the most important parts of your resume, nothing more. Keep it simple.

T is for True, with a twist!

Don’t lie about yourself, but don’t place yourself in a bad light either. Truthfully showcase yourself.

A is for Action-orientated

Talk about all the responsibilities you’ve managed, tasks you’ve accomplished, and actions you’ve taken at/in that position.

R is for Results

Feature how the actions you took provided reward for the parties involved. Sales totals, business development, and even something such as never calling off shows an employer that you’re a reliable person.

Spend Every Day, Not All Day | Physician Job Advice

Now that you’ve got your resume right, it’s time to hunt for available positions. With everything that’s involved with the employment process, it can take weeks for professionals to review applicants, hold interviews, and choose a candidate. Because obtaining a job is so time sensitive, it requires a daily check for new open positions. Make it a habit to search every day for new jobs rather than spending all day going through jobs that were posted last month. Below we’ve added a few tips and tricks to help.

Limit Your Search | Physician Job Advice

An essential part of searching, targeting is a huge time saver. Our job board allows you to limit your jobs by location, medical specialty, and most importantly, job type. If you’re willing to travel, then you might want to leave region blank. But if you use the Job Search function here at Doctor’s Choice Placement, we recommend limiting your search, at least with the other two fields. Most job boards have these and if you create a custom search and then save the link, you can save it into a file for…

Building a List of Links | Physician Job Advice

There are quite a few places you should look daily. Between your college, big name websites, and hopefully our job board having a quick sheet of links to look at daily will make sure you can easily navigate to every page quickly and find the new jobs. If you don’t want to use your favorites tab to save web pages, open up an excel file or word document. Create a list of job boards and add the link with the search parameters you want to use for each individual site.

Doctor’s Choice Placement | Job Board

Submitting Applications

Once you’ve upgraded your resume and built a list of places to stay up to date with, start submitting applications. I would make a goal to at least submit 10 resumes and applications a day until you’ve completed all of the recently listed openings. After that, spend more time on making sure you’re one of the first to apply for the new positions.

If you were to have each one of your job boards on a separate tab or a separate window, we recommend refreshing all your tabs/windows without taking up too much time by using the Refresh All Tabs Extention for Google Chrome, the Reload All! Extension for Mozilla Firefox or right click a tab in Internet Explorer and hit “Refresh all”.

If you’re having a hard time finding a position, look into making relocation efforts. We’ve seen multiple instances where we have tons of jobs an hour away from a major city. Relocation is not for everyone, but it’s one of the easiest ways to give you the greatest amount of available options when it comes to obtaining a job. We always implore users to look for jobs in neighboring areas in case the pay reflects the effort they are willing to put in.

Look into Locum Tenens

An additional option to practicing, locum tenens, adds an additional experience to your resume. It’s an excellent option to provide future employers with information on your reliability and desire to work in the industry. Most physician job boards have the availability to select permanent or locum tenens positions.

Don’t Stop

Until you’ve obtained the position you’re looking for, don’t stop submitting your applications. With pay varying, it’s always important to apply for positions regularly. Even if you currently hold a position, it does not hurt to see your options. Don’t stop and good luck on the hunt! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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