The Most Elite of the Critical Care Jobs

An intensivist is one of many different kinds of critical care jobs that are available. These physicians provide medical care for those who are deemed critically ill and require specialized treatment within an intensive care unit (ICU). These physicians have advanced training and possess a wide range of medical certifications that can include anesthesia, emergency medicine, internal medicine, pulmonology, and even surgical specialties. Intensivists work almost exclusively with ICU patients and others who are classified as being critically ill.

A Nationwide Shortage of Intensivists

According to an article published in December 2013 within the medical journal “Crit Care Med,” there is an ongoing shortage of intensivists within the United States. One of the top reasons for the shortage of these kinds of doctor jobs is due to three main factors. The first factor is a lack of public awareness regarding critical care jobs and the role of this specific branch of medical specialization. The second factor is due to environmental issues that include physical constraints within the medical facilities and available resources. The last factor is due to workplace stress due to the nature of the work.

Achieving Successful Physician Recruitment

The recruitment process is always very important to any job seeker, but it is of paramount importance to an intensivist. These physicians must find a medical facility that meets with their individual needs, and thereby proactively eliminate potential sources of anxiety and stress from the workplace. Doctor’s Choice is able to work with intensivists to develop a strategy for identifying the best-fitting job opportunities. Each prospective job opportunity is analyzed to ensure that it meets with the candidate’s requirements.

We also provide the job seeker with supplementary services, such as assessments of their curriculum vitae, interview skills, debriefing and feedback regarding interviews, and weekly follow-ups via telephone. The entire physician recruitment campaign and all of the supplementary services are provided to job seekers free of charge.

Best Critical Care Jobs for Intensivists

Why is it important to use a firm such as Doctor’s Choice when searching for a new job? Intensivists are crucial to any successful ICU, as they are the keystone for providing care to these patients. The work associated with these positions can be intense. Many intensivists have spent numerous years obtaining the education and certifications required to hold these elite doctor jobs. But, due to the stress, it is not unusual for some of these individuals to find that the positions are overwhelming. Job satisfaction is therefore very important to those who are employed within critical care jobs.

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