Which Doctor Specialties Pay More? (And Which Pay Less?)

It’s well known that physicians make a good living, but not all specialties get the same paycheck. Here are some of the highest (and lowest) paying specialties.

Speaking of specialties, you’re better off choosing one than being a primary care doctor if dollar signs are important to you.  Specialist salaries average over $280,000 per year, while primary care doctors average less than $200,000.

Orthopedic doctors come out on top, with over $400,000 a year, finally surpassing anesthesiologists, who have long held the number one spot.  Cardiologists did nearly as well, with over $376,000 a year.

Family care doctors are among the lowest paid MDs, but they’re not the lowest. Pediatricians, surprisingly, come in near the bottom of the list as well, with $189,000.

Of course, for most doctors, salary is only one part of the equation.

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