Expert Doctor Staffing for the Healthcare Industry

Sometimes it is difficult for healthcare providers to determine the appropriate personnel levels for doctor staffing within their facility. Due to changing factors, such as the time of the year and fluctuations in the number of patients, the number of physicians needed to adequately staff a medical facility can change and cause problems if the situation is not immediately remedied. Therefore, healthcare providers will sometimes need to enlist the assistance of a physician recruitment firm to increase the active number of qualified medical practitioners on staff.

Customized Physician Recruitment Campaigns

There are a variety of options to choose from when increasing the number of active staff. Doctor’s Choice Placement Services Inc. is able to identify and recruit qualified physicians that are able and willing to fill these vacancies on either a locum tenens or permanent basis. Employers are able to work closely with Doctor’s Choice to identify and assess their needs and formulate hiring requirements for the vacancies.

An example of such a requirement would be to ensure that physicians are properly licensed according to the specifications of a designated state wherein the firm is located. We can then conduct searches for candidates using a contingency or retainer basis. Once the client’s profile is established, we launch a comprehensive campaign to locate potential candidates that match the stated requirements of the employer for doctor staffing. For contingency searches, the client is only required to pay a fee when the employer decides to hire a candidate selected from the search results.

We will continue to follow up via telephone with the employer to ensure that all of the client’s needs are being addressed. The weekly communications help to ensure that the employer is satisfied with the candidates that are identified during the doctor staffing process. If changes need to be made to the recruitment campaign, then they can be discussed during these follow-ups.

Finding Candidates for Doctor Jobs

Simultaneously, Doctor’s Choice also works with candidates to identify doctor jobs that fit their job search criteria. Physician candidates can either submit their resumes directly in response to specific job listings, or create a profile for enhanced job searches. Once a candidate profile is created for a job seeker, we can provide free targeted help and resources to the candidate. This includes job finding assistance, ongoing communication via telephone, resume review, and other critical resources. By developing relationships and communicating with both the employers and candidates, Doctor’s Choice is able to find the best employment matches, and therefore ensure satisfaction when it comes to doctor staffing.

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