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This Is How We Work For You

» When you contact Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, you will receive medical credentials from a full range of physicians to potentially meet your organization’s particular needs.

» We determine with you, a precise description of the position to be filled. Properly identifying your requirements, is the crucial key, to a successful job match.

» All of the information disclosed is strictly confidential. Your anonymity is preserved to insure that outside parties are completely unaware that changes are being made. Your identity will not be presented to potential candidates without your permission.

» We work with groups and hospitals on a contingency or retainer basis. A contingency search means that our fee is paid only when the search is completed, and the physicians we represent, are subsequently hired by you.  A retained search is often implemented on high-priority positions that require a more extensive and rigorous approach by our team.

» We work very close with our clients to ensure ultimate satisfaction. Doctor’s Choice Placement, is dedicated to fulfilling your search requirements, exactly as promised, and in writing. Our commitment to making every step of the process seamless and worry free, is our most important product.

Our Services Include

» Personalized one on one service (We actually get to know you).

» Helping you to establish a detailed description of the position to be filled in addition to defining the qualifications that the physicians must have.

» An all out campaign to locate the best qualified candidates for the job.

» Access to a large network of available physicians.

» Providing you with extensive background information on prospective candidates including but certainly not limited to personal and business qualifications as well as a thorough employment history evaluation.

» Complete details for each opportunity will be provided to potential candidates (with your permission of course)

» Contact with you and the physician before, during, and after negotiations.
Complete confidentiality throughout the process.

» We work on a contingency or retainer basis depending upon your needs.

We will guarantee every completed search.

Doctors Choice Placement Employers

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