Five Tips for New Family Practice Doctors in Ohio

Starting your career as a family practice doctor in Ohio is exciting!  Here’s a list of every day tips we’ve compiled from experienced physicians.

  1. • Don’t cut corners with patients. Giving them the opportunity to communicate fully makes you a better (and more successful) doctor.
  2. • If you’re skipping meals, both your mind and your body will be sluggish, which may leave you further behind than if you’d simply taken the time for a healthy snack.
  3. • Remember that when patients are difficult, angry, or frustrated, it’s almost always because they’re either frightened or in pain.
  4. • Don’t be afraid to tell patients you don’t know the answer to a question! It’s reassuring knowing that a doctor is willing to take the time to find the right answer.
  5. • Ask for help! Senior physicians and seasoned nurses are a great source of insight if you’re having difficulty with a case.


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