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Internal medicine physicians are also known as internists or Doctors of Internal Medicine. Their main focus is to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults and the elderly. However, they will also treat adolescents on rare occasions.

After undergraduate and medical school, internists must complete a three year residency in internal medicine. Internist can then choose to specialize in thirteen different medical specialties. These specialties include:

  • Immunology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Pulmonology
  • Gastroenterology and so many more

General internists provide disease prevention, focus on total body wellness, and help to manage chronic conditions and illnesses. Internal medical physicians are able to diagnose and treat a broad range of medical issues and are normally called upon by other doctors when they do not know what is wrong with a patient.

Although internists do not perform surgery, there are some medical procedures that they are proficient in like mole removal, the use of scopes, and stress tests. Internists can work wherever there is a need. This includes a hospital, medical center, group doctor office, or private practice. Internists can be primary care providers, but they have very different training than family doctors. Internists are a great choice if you are an adult with a chronic disease like diabetes, rheumatism, or heart disease because internists like to care for patients for their entire lives. Internists do not come and go. They learn everything there is to know about the patient and then use that to help the patient stay healthy and live a long life. There are many open internal medicine jobs in New Jersey.

About New Jersey

New Jersey is a fantastic place to live and work. It is home to many big cities like Newark and Atlantic City and is at the crossroads of many Eastern states. Access to New York City is easy from New Jersey and all international or domestic travel is possible through Newark International Airport.

With a population of almost nine million, there are many possible patient opportunities for any internist who wants to work in a medical center, hospital, or wants to open his or her own private practice.

New Jersey is also home to many museums, art exhibits, and parks. There are many open internal medicine jobs in New Jersey.

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