Looking for Radiation Oncology Jobs?

With increasing cancer risks, radiation oncology jobs are in demand. There are many radiation oncology jobs advertised in medical journals, newspapers, and various employment websites. However, you want the perfect job in a specific place. As you are currently working, you don’t have time to scout high and low for the position you want in the place you want to live. On top of this, with all the positions available, you’re not even sure you know where to begin.

You need someone who is willing to help you find the perfect job you want. You need a recruitment agency that is willing to go the long haul, an agency that is willing to go the extra mile for you.


We Can Help You Find the Right Radiation Oncology Jobs

There is a physician recruitment agency that is willing to go that extra mile for you. Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, Inc. is the recruitment agency that has over ten years of experience and a proven track record in providing satisfied physicians their perfect job. Our staff is knowledgeable and professional. The services that are offered are free of charge for all our potential job candidates.

Doctor’s Choice will put you through an intensive interview process to find out what position and practice is the best placement for you. We will also help you update your resume, if necessary. We understand that you don’t have time in your busy schedule to work on all the little details in an employment search.

A Physician Recruitment Agency That is Your Friend

Doctor’s Choice cares about the candidates that use our services. We don’t think of you as just a number that is looking for employment. We actually want to get know you as a person. Doctor’s Choice cares about the position you’re considering and the employer that is offering the position.

As we work closely with you, you will discover our integrity. All information that you share with us is kept private and is completely confidential. We will not share anything with any employer, or anyone without your permission. In this day and age, we know the importance of protecting one’s identity and personal information.

With our vast network of doctor jobs, we will certainly be able to find the perfect employment opportunity for you. All through your recruitment process, we will keep a line of communication open between you and your potential employer. As you and an employer come to terms, we will be right there throughout the entire negotiation process. Doctor’s Choice is the best place to find radiation oncology jobs in the community you want to be in, and with the right medical facility for you.

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