Matching Healthcare Professionals to Medical Careers

“Choose a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life.” While loving your job is important in any profession, having a passion for what you do is even more important when it comes to medical careers. It takes many years of schooling and training to become a licensed physician or even a physician’s assistant, and being a doctor requires a special dedication, commitment, and compassion.

At Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, we understand the importance of matching the right qualified healthcare professional to the right healthcare job. The secret to successfully making that happen is to intimately know the job position being filled and the candidates who qualify.

Our website boasts an extensive database of jobs currently available in the healthcare profession. These detailed listings are updated daily, and include healthcare job openings throughout the United States, from coast to coast. This is a great place to start for any physicians looking for their next position.

Medical Careers Started and Continued Smoothly

The way our program works is simple. No fees for services are extended to the job applicants. Instead, we are paid by the hiring facility once a successful match has been made. This gives us great motivation to be extra certain that we have matched the right physicians to the right medical careers.

With each of our healthcare professional candidates, we start with an in-depth phone conversation to gain knowledge of the physician’s background, experience, and career objectives. This one-on-one level of service is key to our finding you the right position.

Our team will then certify your qualifications, board certifications, and required licenses to ensure you meet all requirements for the jobs to which you plan to apply. We also assist in the resume writing process and preparing you for the interview.

Waiting to hear back from a potential employer can be excruciating. That’s why we maintain communications between the two parties throughout the process, and can even hold a post interview debriefing with you. In the event an offer is made by the hiring party, we are trained to facilitate the negotiations and ensure you are entering into a fair contract.

All information shared with Doctor’s Choice is completely confidential. We are looking for long term placements, and we take pride in building relationships with our applicants and the hiring facilities who have placed their trust in us.

Medical careers can be some of the most emotionally rewarding and profitable careers in the nation. Let Doctor’s Choice help you find your satisfying new healthcare position today.

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