What are Occupational Medicine Jobs?

There are plenty of accidents and injuries that can occur in the workplace. Occupational medicine jobs are those positions that involve the prevention and management of injuries at a place of work or business. Occupational health doctors strive to create a safe work environment for the employees.

There are a variety of issues that can commonly occur within the workplace that could potentially cause harm to employees. Therefore, physician jobs that focus on occupational health will often analyze accidents and injuries that occur within a work environment to determine ways to prevent the problem or make improvements to reduce hazards. Some of the hazards can take the form of toxins, unsafe practices that can cause accidents, and redundant tasks that become injurious.

Physician Jobs in Occupational Health

When most people think of occupational medicine, they immediately think of the posters by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that must be posted within the workplace. The role of occupational medicine at work is very similar to OSHA. The difference is that most occupational medicine jobs are maintained in-house by employers.

On the other hand, OSHA is a U.S. government agency. Doctors employed by private corporation and the government are both devoted to ensuring that employees have a safe place to work, and serve to protect the health of the employees entrusted to their care.

Public and Private Occupational Medicine Jobs

For job seekers, there are a wide variety of opportunities available within occupational healthcare. Due to the nature of this particular branch of medicine, before performing a physician job search, it is important to consider whether you want to work within the public or private sector. The public sector has government jobs with local, state, and federal organizations whose concerns are to ensure that businesses provide safe work environments for their employees and comply with all required laws and regulations.

Private sector jobs operate on the other side of the coin. Private jobs are those whose employers consist of various businesses and corporations. Doctors that are employed by these companies are tasked with making sure that the business is complying with all governing laws and regulations, identifying potential threats to workplace safety, and investigating and analyzing any injuries or healthcare issues that impact the business. Occupational health doctors who work in the public and private sectors both help to protect employees and make sure that they have a safe work environment.

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