Where are the available jobs for physicians in 2014?

Available Medical Physican Jobs

Available Jobs for Physicians

Where are all the available jobs for physicians?

We at Doctors Choice Placement list a lot of jobs every month. During our efforts in providing employment opportunities to job hunters, we’ve noticed that a few medical positions seem to have available jobs more often than others. In this article we will define 10 of those medical positions and showcase the specific job board for those physician employment opportunities on our site.

ENT | Available Jobs

An ENT physician, or Otolaryngologist, studies and treats ear, nose, and throat conditions. Younger patients seek out ENTs to help resolve minor ear, nose, and throat conditions that sometimes include surgery. Typically adult patients are treated for hearing loss, sinus infections, or possibly cancer.

Emergency Medicine | Available Jobs

EMPs, or Emergency Medicine Physicians, address medical issues that require immediate attention. Emergency Medicine Physicians will most often be found in hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units. They are also known to work in sports medicine, disaster medicine, wilderness medicine, palliative medicine, and more.

CRNA | Available Jobs

A CRNA, or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, is a nurse who has studied and performs tasks related to anesthesia. A CRNA only needs a graduate-level education alongside a board certification, which often includes nursing classes and extensive testing. Currently there are almost 50,000 CRNAs in the United States alone, and that number is expected to rise as the general population rapidly increases.

Orthopedic Surgery | Available Jobs

Orthopedic Surgeons work with musculoskeletal system and are commonly associated with skeletal injuries, sports injuries, tumors, infections, and other congenital disorders. These areas of expertise don’t always require surgery, but more serious injuries would require extensive treatment such as hip replacements or spinal surgery.

Radiation | Available Jobs

Radiation Oncologists use megavoltage x-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation to help treat various cancers. Radiation Oncologists often work in tandem with the other primary specialties, surgery and medical oncology, to help treat cancer. In addition to treating cancer, a radiation oncologist will also use radiation to treatment benign diseases and benign tumors.

Internal Medicine | Available Jobs

Internists deal with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases in adults and the elderly. Often times if a patient has an unidentified disease or hasn’t received a proper diagnosis, the Internist will perform a lot of research and study to determine the proper course of action and to identify the proper disease to treat.

Physical Medicine | Available Jobs

Physiatrists are those who study and practice rehabilitation medicine and physiatry. Therapists who practice physical medicine and rehabilitation work to improve or repair physical impairments or physical disabilities. They specialize in working with people who have muscle, tissue, bone, or nervous system injuries.

Cardiology | Available Jobs

Cardiologists study and practice disorders of the heart and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the heart defects, diseases, and failures. In addition to the study of the heart, there are also surgeons who specialize in cardiac surgery called cardiac surgeons.

Gastroenterology | Available Jobs

Gastroenterologists work with the digestive system and help to resolve disorders, diseases, and injuries of the digestive system. The field requires intensive study, as most gastroenterologists go through eight to fourteen years of schooling, internship, and fellowship.

Occupational Medicine | Available Jobs

Occupational Medicine specialists work to make sure that health and safety standards are practiced and maintained at an incredibly high and particular degree of excellence. The field is very broad and thus requires a vast knowledge and wealth of experience to make sure these standards are held high.

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