Physician Employment and the Job of Your Dreams

Congratulations! You have finally graduated from school and are now officially a licensed physician. Employment is the next critical step to establishing your career. Discovering the job of your dreams can often seem like a difficult and seemingly impossible task.

Luckily, Doctor’s Choice is there to help you every step of the way as you search for your perfect job. Every new medical school graduate imagines an ideal job that often seems distant and unattainable. Those jobs do exist, and are out there waiting to be discovered. Dreams do come true, and it is possible to make those dreams a reality.

Identifying the Perfect Job for You

Not all doctors have the same needs or desires when it comes to finding a job. The concept of a “dream” job varies from individual to individual. Some people will prefer to take the time to work a few positions as a locum tenens physician, as these jobs offer diversity and the ability to experience different types of medical work environments. Some physicians will want to work in a smaller private practice, while others will seek a position within a larger medical facility or group practice. Doctor’s Choice will work with each prospective candidate on a personal level to establish their job preferences and skills.

Breaching Barriers to Physician Employment

Each candidate will submit their CV and then undergo a comprehensive interview and subsequent debriefing so that the candidate receives useful feedback during the process. Sometimes, even the best candidates are poorly represented by their CV; therefore, we also provide personalized free services that enable job seekers to receive valuable feedback. This enables candidates to accurately showcase their expertise and skills, so that they are properly represented to employers.

As a physician employment agency, we work to establish relationships with both the candidates and the employers, so that they understand their needs and requirements. This process helps to provide superior job matches and happier work environments by pairing together the best candidates with compatible employers.

Bridging the Gap for Candidates and Employers

Doctor’s Choice understands that sometimes the job search can be a difficult and exasperating process for candidates who are new the healthcare job market. There are many healthcare practices that are eager to hire doctors that have recently graduated from medical school. These medical firms recognize that newly graduated physicians are a valuable asset to their practice, because these doctors are often lauded for being caring, enthusiastic, innovative, and knowledgeable. By carefully understanding your needs, we can promote your best traits and skills to potential employers who are seeking a physician. Physician employment success, with the help of Doctor’s Choice, is not just an option, but a requirement.

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