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Interview Tips and Techniques


            Almost all job offers in the medical profession are the result of an in person interview.  Therefore, strong interview skills are essential to receiving a lucrative job offer.  Much of your success in a job interview comes from making a positive first impression.  There are several possibilities after any given interview:

Best Result- Your credentials, accomplishments and personal representation are so strong that the employer makes an immediate job offer and offers a signed contract without further interviews or questions.

Promising Result- Your credentials, accomplishments and personal representation are so strong that the employer is seriously considering making you a job offer.  The employer may then request references or offer to discuss the job further in a few days.

Not So Promising Result- While your credentials and accomplishments are strong, your personal representation was not as strong.  The employer lets you know they need to finish their interviews before making a decision.

Bad Result- Based on your first impression and personal representation the employer ends the interview early due to their busy schedule.

Obviously job candidates would prefer a “best result” or a “promising result” from an interview, however, those positive results can be few and far between.  While a candidate’s credentials and accomplishments are extremely important to getting a job offer, candidates often assume there isn’t much else to the hiring process.  What candidates are forgetting is that in addition to having a highly skilled doctor on staff, employers want a doctor that is a good fit with their respective job environment.  That is why it is important for doctors to practice or sharpen their interview skills.  The candidate’s goal is to sell themselves and convince an employer to hire them.

Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, Inc. has put together a list of interview tips from industry professionals in order to increase your chances of having a strong and successful interview.

  1.  Clothing Choices:
  • Men should wear a conservative suit (preferably in a dark color such as navy or black), a tie, and polished dress shoes.
  • Women should wear a conservative suit (preferably in a dark color such as navy or black), with polished shoes and a conservative blouse.



  1. Smell Matters:
  • Make sure to have fresh breath.  Do not chew gum and always carry mints.
  • Be careful when wearing cologne or perfumes.  It’s entirely possible one of your interviewers is allergic to strong cologne or perfume scents.


  1. Always be on time.  It is never alright to be late for an interview.  To ensure you arrive on time, get there ten to fifteen minutes early for your interview.


  1. Have a positive attitude.  Employers hire candidates they like, can see themselves working with in the future, and who are a good fit for their work environment.  Check your ego at the door.  Instead have a positive attitude, high energy and an upbeat demeanor.


  1. Make eye contact.  Making eye contact with an interviewer shows confidence, honesty and interest in the job.  If there is more than one interview, make sure to keep eye contact with each interview as often as possible during the interview.


  1. Be sure to answer the interviewer’s specific questions.  Be careful not to ramble.  Asking questions and answering questions is acceptable, just make sure you ask direct questions and answer all questions in a direct manner.


  1. Ask open ended questions.  To show interest in a job it is important to ask questions of your potential employer.  Be sure these questions are open ended and can result in some form of dialogue rather than a “yes” or “no” answer.


  1. Wait for the employer to bring up any discussion about salary or benefits.  Often when a candidate brings up salary they may request a salary that is significantly higher or lower than the employer was willing to pay.  It is best to receive the job offer then consider salary and benefits.


  1. Take their business card.  Requesting a business card will help a candidate remember the names of their interviewers.  Further, it will be easier to write thank you notes.


  1.  Beware of drinking alcohol during lunch and dinner interviews.  The last think a candidate wants is to have impaired judgment during an interview.  It is best to drink non-alcoholic drinks during lunch and dinner interviews.


  1.  Ask for the job.  Make sure you tell your interviewers that you want the job.  It is important to make a good impression at an interview and part of that is letting the employers know you are interested in the position.



  1. Send a thank you note.  In addition to being polite, a thank you note keeps your name in the mind of the employer.

For more detailed assistance with interview techniques and personal interview coaching, please contact Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, Inc. so we can help prepare you to be your best interview self.

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