Physician Recruitment – Rural VS Metro/Suburban Job Opportunities

Not surprisingly, there is a great need for physicians in all specialties in all areas of the country.  But no area is hurting more for medical providers than Rural America.  Rural locations are struggling to find physicians to live and practice in their markets.  The difficulties in recruiting stem from many disadvantages of small town living, mostly the lack of urban amenities (shopping, dining, cultural and religious diversities), lack of employment for spouse/significant others, school options for children.  But with the ‘cons’ of small town living, there are an ample amount of ‘pros’.  Practicing in a small town affords one with less traffic, congestion, safe environments with less crime.  Financial pros include a lower cost of living and the positions in a small town usually offer a greater salary and compensation package as an incentive for relocating to the community.

US Population Physician Recruitment

Finding the right physician opportunity and location that fits your lifestyle and the needs of your family is very important and you must take all of the factors into consideration when ‘weighing’ your decision…

Scale for Physician Jobs


Amenities (Shopping, Dining +)

Cultural Diversity

Ample School/University Options


Less Traffic/Congestion

Lower Crime Rates

Higher Compensation

Doctor’s Choice Placement Services, Inc. can help assist physicians seeking job opportunities in rural or metropolitan settings.

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