Placing Physicians in Urgent Care Jobs

Urgent care facilities are springing up everywhere. Because of this, urgent care jobs are opening up all over the country, and the medical facilities that need these positions filled want to find the perfect physicians to join their teams.

It only makes sense for medical facilities to hire a recruiter to help them fill the urgent care jobs that they have available. These medical facilities will be looking for a dependable, professional, and caring recruitment agency. This agency should guarantee every completed search and perform thorough background checks on potential employees. In short, it should be an agency like Doctor’s Choice Placement, Inc.

Filling Urgent Care Jobs

At Doctor’s Choice, we offer doctors access to physician jobs that are available all over the country. When you, a medical facility, use our services, you will receive the best in the recruitment business. As a premiere physician job search company, our staff is professional and knowledgeable on every aspect of the job-hunting process for medical professionals.

We promise that when you choose to retain us, or use our services on a contingency basis that you will be completely satisfied with the physician that we locate for you. We do expansive background checks on every physician, because we want you to have that perfect person for your urgent care job.

All of the information we receive from you and the job-searching physicians is completely confidential. You are completely anonymous, and contact with a perspective employee is made through us. Your identity is preserved to insure that uninvolved parties are completely unaware that changes are being made in your organization. Your information is never released without your permission, and is completely secure with us.

More than Just a Service for Physician Jobs

Doctor’s Choice’s services doesn’t just end with us gathering information and protecting your private identity. Our professional staff creates an all out campaign to find you the best physician for your job opening. We make sure communication is open and honest between you and the candidate. We will help with all negotiations. And, if for some reason you and the candidate choose not to further your relationship, everything is kept confidential and aboveboard.

When you explore our website, you will see why we’ve been the best doctor’s recruitment agency for over ten years, and why so many turn to us for help with the physician job search process. Our resources page provides potential candidates with links to many medical associations, salary calculators, cost of living information for different parts of the country, and even links to book travel arrangements.

Employers can see that we do our best to provide candidates with successful long term employment. When an employer and a candidate make a successful match, we know we have done our job. When looking to fill urgent care jobs, Doctor’s Choice is the only choice!

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