Recruiting Physicians for General Surgery Jobs

As the head administer of a new health care facility, you are in a slight state of panic. None of the general surgery jobs your facility has available are filled. It is scheduled to open in a month, and there are so many medical positions open, that you wonder if you will be able to meet the deadline.

You’ve checked with all the headhunters in your area, but none have come through with any promising recruits. In addition, as you contemplate the absence of physicians available for the internal medicine jobs you also posted, you can feel a headache beginning behind your eyes. Where do you go? What are you going to do?

The Best Company to Fill General Surgery Jobs

Turn to Doctor’s Choice Placement Services. We are a nationwide employment firm that specializes in jobs for physicians. For over ten years we have been one of the nation’s leaders for physicians’ recruitment. Our staff’s professional demeanor will give you complete security as we help you through the process of recruiting for your medical facility.

We want to help you find that perfect employee for your facility. The same staff that assists you in your search will also search through all the qualified candidates available. Please read through the testimonials from our satisfied clients. You will see the difference our services can make.

How We Work

When you contact us, you will have access to medical credentials from a plethora of physicians. We will help you create a description of the position to be filled. We believe identifying all your job requirements is important to helping you make a successful match.

All of the information disclosed is strictly confidential. Your identity will not be given to potential candidates until you give us permission. Our work with you is on a contingency or retainer basis. This means that you only pay our fee when search for the perfect candidate or candidates for your internal medicine jobs or general surgery jobs are complete.

The candidates are hired by you, not us. We enjoy working very close with our clients. We want to get to know you and make sure that every detail of our search is accurate. We want to give you a stress-free experience, so we take our commitment to to fulfilling your search requirements quite seriously. What your receive in writing is delivered to you, just as promised. We care about your unfilled general surgery jobs, and we want to team up with you to find the perfect physicians to fill them.

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