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In an ever-changing and growing industry such as healthcare, physician employment is always available, and physicians are always in demand. While computers and technology may change the scope of healthcare and of the day-to-day tasks of physicians, it can’t replace them. A good physician has a lifetime guarantee of job security. However, finding the right position can be a little more complicated.

Doctor’s Choice Placement Services is a nationwide physician job placement service. Our mission is to connect qualified physicians with current open positions in the healthcare field. We look to create long term relationships, between us and our healthcare facilities, between us and our physicians, and most importantly, between the matches we connect.

We believe the secret to making a good match rests in identifying what each party is looking for. To know that, we must first have a clear understanding of the job being listed. What qualifications and experience are required to do the job properly? How many hours is the doctor expected to put in? Where is the job located? What is the salary? Is there room for growth in the position? What kind of support staff can the doctor expect? We want to know the full scope of the job in order to find qualified candidates to fill it.

When working with physicians, we perform the same type of in-depth interview. We need to know the physician’s employment experience and qualifications. Beyond that, we need to know the physician’s long-term career goals. Is the doctor looking for family practice jobs or to run a department in a hospital or large healthcare facility? Does the doctor want to work with patients on a daily basis, or to work in more of an administrative or management position? Does the doctor want to relocate to Ohio or is he or she looking for a position locally?

Next Step in Physician Employment

Once we know what each party is looking for, we can start matching them up. Our doctors are directed to our online database of currently available physician jobs. We diligently maintain this database on a daily basis to keep all physicians aware of the most up-to-date opportunities.

If a doctor finds a job which interests him or her, it is simple to complete the physician employment registration online. All information is kept strictly confidential. We will then work one on one with the physician to take the next step. We will provide resume and interview preparation assistance. We will contact the hiring party and facilitate the scheduling of an interview. We maintain contact between the parties, and can even negotiate an employment contract should the need arise. All of our fees are paid by the hiring party should we make a successful match, and there is no charge to the doctor for our physician employment services.

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