Should You Use a Physician Employment Service?

Using a recruiting service for physician employment can benefit new doctors and those looking for a new placement.  Here’s why:

    1. Knowledge of the job market. Experienced, reputable physician employment services work with dozens of organizations in just as many cities. This means that they don’t just have access to thousands of openings. It also means that they’re well acquainted with going rates, typical employment agreements, and signing bonuses.


    1. Jobs that aren’t posted. There are plenty of practices and healthcare organizations and facilities that don’t publically post positions at all. They prefer to work with recruiters to minimize their own work load. Not only that, but many hospitals and large groups prefer to recruit by word of mouth—and recruiters are in their networking circles and hear about these jobs.


    1. Recruiters have high standards for placements. In most cases, recruiters are more incentivized to fill positions well rather than quickly, which means they are just as motivated to make it a good match as you are.


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