We Match Doctor Jobs to the Right Physicians

Doctor’s Choice Placement Services has one mission, which is to successfully find physicians for open doctor jobs. Doctors spend many years educating and training for their chosen profession. Now it is important they find the right place to practice.

Our online database of job listings includes all different specialties, such as dentistry, orthopedic, chiropractor, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and more. We have healthcare facilities of all sizes and types, such as hospitals, healthcare systems, medical groups, private practices, outpatient clinics, and government facilities throughout the nation.

We work with each hiring facility to gain a clear understanding of the job description, the pay, and the day-to-day needs associated with the open position. Knowing the expectations will help us find the right physician to fill it.

Our Process for Filling Doctor Jobs

Physicians can search our job database without being registered. However, if they find something that appeals to them, they must then complete the registration process, which is free of charge. Since our services are paid by the hiring facility once a successful match is made, physicians and other healthcare professionals looking for jobs never pay a fee. All information provided to Doctor’s Choice, by both physicians and hiring facilities, is kept completely confidential.

Once a physician has found an open position which appeals to him or her, we work with the individual one on one. A comprehensive interview process takes place to gain a complete picture of the physician’s qualifications and long-term healthcare career goals. An extensive background search is performed on all potential candidates, including certification of their licenses, certifications, and qualifications. Both personal and business references are obtained and confirmed. We will help our physicians create or update their resumes to best reflect their accomplishments in their field.

We coordinate any interviews, and will provide interview preparation for the applying physician. Throughout the process, we maintain communication with both parties, and can even hold a post-interview debriefing. Once an offer is extended, we can provide assistance to the candidate in handling contract negotiations.

While on our website looking at doctor jobs, physicians can also take advantage of our other resources, such as our salary calculator, links to medical associations and groups, continuing education opportunities, and even a trusted travel website for booking hotels and air flights for interviews out of their area.

In an ever-changing field such as healthcare, there are many opportunities for a licensed physician. Our database of doctor jobs is the perfect starting point for any physician looking to take the next step in their healthcare career.

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